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environmental protection and occupational safety
Commodore Service places great emphasis on environmental awareness and occupational safety.

The service is completely paperless from the start, I manage worksheets, documentation, and communication electronically. All data is stored in a network using a server. I keep in touch via e-mail and/or Facebook Messenger. Worksheets are stored using the Worksheet 3 software.

Vapors during soldering are extracted through an active filter device.

We use major industrial chemicals – which are not commercially available – which are officially notified by ÁNTSZ, and their storage is professionally solved. Any expired or unused chemicals are disposed of through specialized companies. We take care of its transfer ourselves.

Demolition materials are stored in selective containers. Panels, parts, batteries, metals, cables, plastics, and papers are stored separately. We take care of transporting them to official disposal sites. Their bins are also designed in such a way that they do not pollute our environment during storage.

Bad devices left in our service, after professional dismantling, will be placed in selective containers until transferring.

The disassembly of non-Commodore electronics will also be done, for free. So you can leave them by us.

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