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Enterprise repair

repair of these types
It is worth mentioning which types we are sure to repair.

These types are the following:

Enterprise 64K, 128K
Enterprise external memory expander

manufacturing accessories, making modifications

  • making video cable
  • replacing keyboard membrane

we do not undertake these
Repair of original Enterprise 64/128K power-supplies.
Unfortunately, the factory power-supplies are molded in their casing, so it is impossible or quite circumstantial to repair them, so we cannot undertake their reparation.

good to know
During repair/restoration, basic service for all devices (if not already done):

  • replacing electrolytic capacitor (Re-Cap) with a shape-correct version (axial/radial)
  • chemical washing of PCB, casing, and keyboard
  • neutralizing leaked electrolytic liquid on PCB, removing resin stains (even after repair)
  • microscopic checking parts and solderings, replacement and repair as needed
  • replacing loose, damaged IC parts and rusty, rotten parts
  • cleaning contacts
  • checking current consumption on PCB
  • 30-minute software testing
  • replacing keyboard foil (with a tested type)
In case of power-supplies:
  • loadability test
  • replacing damaged terminals (230V AC, and low voltage)

types that have come to us:

Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Enterprise 64K javítása Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Enterprise 128K javítása

making Video-Audio cables
Enterprise RGB Video-Audio Scart cable
1.5m 3.500 HUF

Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Enterprise RGB Video-Audio Scart kábel készítése Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Enterprise RGB Video-Audio Scart kábel készítése

we reserve the right to make changes, the price is gross (AM) price

Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Enterprise javítása

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