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Welcome! I'm Zoltán Tóth, the „restorer".

I certainly fit in the term, fossil. Of course, this should be interpreted in the good sense of the word, and not in a negative way. Anyway, one thing is sure, I graduated so long ago as a television and radio technician that slowly I only have black and white memories of it.

The memory of my years spent in Miskolc as a radio amateur in Miskolc is also a bit worn by now, but with some hard thinking, I still remember both of my call signals at that time. That’s right, under the nicely ringing HA9MGZ and HA6MGZ IDs lots of amateur crazy (like me) talked to me back then. The Commodore Love Story began even earlier, in the waist of my childhood, at the Amiga Club held at the Ady community centre, and continues ceaselessely to this day. In the 90s, I run a technician workshop in the Avas building estate in Miskolc, which provided me a secure livelihood until I moved to Budapest, and gave me many precious friendships. When I was young, the „elderly” left to me all the Commodore, ZX Spectrum, Enterprise, and Videoton TVC computers. I wasn’t surprised by this, as it was a new technology for my age group.

The tools and instruments I kept after moving and bought since then, provided me enough background to help a relative or acquaintance found me with a broken computer, radio, or TV. It grew out pretty slowly, relatives’ relatives and friends’ friends came, and I slowly surrendered myself to my destiny. When the Commodore computers reached the age of Methuselah, and retro-madness hit its head in this segment as well, and more „connoisseur” costumers began to come, I became more and more focused on that line.

In 2018, I restarted the (now) restoration of the Commodore devices. Since too many people contacted me with ZX Spectrum, Enterprise, Videoton TVC, and HT devices, I undertook their restoration too. I restarted the Commodore Service in Hungary, not only for my Hungarian fellows.

In 2019, Commodore Service received the distribution of Cloanto and Hyperion products. It was a big word and it also meant that there was no going back from here. So I bowed my head before my fate, and I sadly acknowledged that I seem to have to live my life doing my hobby, and what I always adored to do, professionally. I know, it sounds awful. Just kidding.

In January 2020, Commodore Service finally outgrew the corner of the living room, then the entire living room (and kitchen, and sometimes the bathroom too) and moved into a separate room after getting every necessary permissions. Love flamed up again. Barely a month later, the Service also received permits for the production of accessories and modifications.

Over the years, many people said that the workshop in the attic of the solarium had outgrown itself when it opened. Therefore, in January 2022, we decided to move the Commodore Service to a separate business premises, but will remain in Albertirsa. The workshop shares the service of today's modern computers and the administration of businesses and companies.

Even after that, the business premises change day by day. Maybe this process will never stop.

This is how I became a dedicated „savior” of Commodore devices from a technician in Miskolc, who (you said so) continues to write the Commodore Love Story alone. I say you write the Love Story, I just keep it alive.

In my work, my friend, Róbert Tihanyi provides me a huge help, mainly in the repair of AGA (SMD, surface mounted) Amiga 1200, 3000, 4000, CD32, and A600 ECS PCBs (motherboards), for which I’m very grateful.

The main activity of Commodore Service and Restorer is the repair and restoration of Commodore computers, displays, and accessories manufactured in the ’80s and ’90s. As the supply at that time was already wide-ranging, of course, some other brands come to me as well, such as ZX Spectrum, Enterprise, Videoton TVC, HT or Atari, and even less frequently pieces from less known brands too (inquire about restoration related to the latter).

Thank you for visiting our site, let’s continue to write together a beautiful story of a bygone age.

Commodore Szerviz

Commodore Szerviz

Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Tóth Zoltán restaurátor

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Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Cloanto distribútor
Commodore Service and Restorer Hungary | Hyperion distribútor

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